There is a large team of highly qualified corporate trainers who are vastly experienced in delivering short and long-term mental performance programmes across the world. So, whether you’re looking for senior leadership training, how to stay healthy under pressure, or something completely bespoke, we’ve got a variety of solutions to suit your needs.


A corporate Training and Coaching company that has been at the forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development training for over two decades.

As licenced trainers, we help organisations enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between their psychology and success.

Available training courses:

> Peak Performance Mind | Click To Expand

3 Days

Are you getting the best out of yourself or your team? You may not be aware, but there’s a direct link between how you think and the results you’re achieving in all aspects of work, career and life. Unlock true performance potential in yourself and others by developing the 3 Psychologies and 9 Mental Competencies that form our unique performance framework…The Mindspan Triad.

> Team Excellence | Click To Expand

2 Days

How well is your team functioning? Do you know that the biggest obstacle to your team functioning is also potentially it’s greatest strength Breakdown the barriers to your team’s performance not by building a raft and crossing a lake but by developing your Team Mindset competencies. 

> Leadership Excellence | Click To Expand

6 Months

Do you have the psychology of a top leader? True leadership starts within; before you can strongly lead others you firstly need to learn to lead yourself. Start to shape the mindset of leadership excellence, developing the vital performance competencies that motivate others to want to follow you.

> Stay Healthy Under Pressure | Click To Expand

1 Day

Do you want less stress, frustration and anxiety?  You probably realise that unhelpful levels of emotions negatively impact your ability to perform  well but, like many people you’ve not been sure what to do about it. We’ll all have periods in our lives when we’ll feel under pressure. Learn the competencies strategies and tools to help you deal with these phases by managing yourself, staying healthy and fulfilled. 

> New World Leadership | Click To Expand


World events during 2020/21 have brought about significant change in our lives and in the organisations that we belong to. These shifts call for an updated, modernised leadership approach…are your managers and leaders equipped for this? Understand the 5 psychological needs that are now more amplified in your teams and learn how to evolve a more conscious and human centred approach that’s required to lead effectively in the new world.

> Bespoke | Click To Expand

Flexible Timings

Over more than two decades we’ve designed and delivered bespoke development programmes for our clients. We’ve delivered these programmes in areas such as Sales Performance, Marketing, Appraisals, Customer Service, Emotional Resilience, Assertiveness, Communication, Handling Difficult People, Public Speaking and much more. We’ll work with you to design and deliver your effective solution!

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Professional football in the modern era is played every bit as much in the mind as on the pitch. More and more it’s becoming clear that natural talent is nowhere near enough to sustain a career in the modern game. Players need to be smart; not academically but in terms of their thinking. The ones who are dedicated, with mental resilience and a winner’s psychology are prospering and will continue to do so as the game evolves. The stupid footballer is dead.