Executive COACHING

We offer Executive Coaching to help you to manage your career and people more effectively, thus allowing you to create a professional environment both you and your organisation can thrive. 


• Coaching can be run as a combination of phone calls, webinars and even face-to-face meetings.  

• The global economy has been challenged and change has been imposed upon the corporate world.

• It is more prevalent than ever that we support our clients to overcome obstacles, review goals and achieve professional growth.


• Our framework that you can work from that has been researched to support high performance.

• Having accountability in all that we do across all areas of your work and personal life.

• Support and guidance through the continuous challenges that we face on a daily basis.

I’ve participated in many management and performance enhancement training programs over the last 30 years and I can confidently say that working with my work with Paul has been the most enlightening and impactful. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of social science, neurology and psychology, Paul shares insights that both educate and challenge preconceived notions, offering new ways of understanding the way we work and interact with others. More importantly, he has helped me to apply those insights and perspectives to my particular circumstances in order to overcome specific challenges and identify opportunities for further performance improvement.  Paul has pushed me—gently but persistently—to reconsider my existing practices (both in and out of the workplace) and I find myself continuing to reflect on and apply the fresh perspectives he provides long afterwards.

I can’t say enough good things about Paul McVeigh.  He is a very talented executive coach and has a warm, thoughtful way of helping you through challenges and encouraging you to succeed.  I have gotten enormous benefits from his 1:1 coaching as well as his group sessions.

I would not just recommend Paul’s Executive Coaching program – I would insist upon it! I would say without hesitation that this has been by far one of the most worthwhile initiatives I and my senior executive team have taken part in during our continuing professional development. The program is superbly constructed, supremely relevant and highly effective. Another great reason for participating is the opportunity to get to know Paul better. It has been a pleasure and a privilege – both professionally and personally – to get to know him and to learn from him. The whole experience has been extremely rewarding on every level.

Paul’s inspiration and encouragement was the reason I pursued University of Oxford Executive MBA degree while working as the Chief Risk Officer (Americas) for Aviva Investors. From the very beginning of our meeting, I realized Paul’s focus on performance coaching transcends the professional athlete and can transform the corporate world. On the most fundamental question of goal setting, Paul made me realize working as hard as everyone expects me to is an actual NOT goal. Real goal setting in our life is a lot like football. It requires a combination of strategic foresight and tactical execution. Long-term vision, medium-term goal, near-term strategy, adjustment based on internal or external circumstance, living with a bad decision but making the most of it, etc. Paul’s wisdom and passion make him the best coach anyone can have in their life!

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Professional football in the modern era is played every bit as much in the mind as on the pitch. More and more it’s becoming clear that natural talent is nowhere near enough to sustain a career in the modern game. Players need to be smart; not academically but in terms of their thinking. The ones who are dedicated, with mental resilience and a winner’s psychology are prospering and will continue to do so as the game evolves. The stupid footballer is dead.