Accountability programme

All of our talks and training programmes come with the option to add on an ‘Accountability Programme’. This programme has been inspired by the mastermind group concept, which was first conceived in the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ created by Napoleon Hill in 1925.

A recap of the Training Programme to help embed the learnings

A peer-to-peer monthly mentoring group which is facilitated

Project check-ins to ensure attendees are kept accountable

Ensures a tangible ROI for you and your Business

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Did You Know Paul Has A Book?

Professional football in the modern era is played every bit as much in the mind as on the pitch. More and more it’s becoming clear that natural talent is nowhere near enough to sustain a career in the modern game. Players need to be smart; not academically but in terms of their thinking. The ones who are dedicated, with mental resilience and a winner’s psychology are prospering and will continue to do so as the game evolves. The stupid footballer is dead.