Profile: Priya Hunt

“I have over 15 years of coaching experience as an internal coach in organisations that I have worked in. My passion for people development and interest in psychology drew me towards a career in coaching, having certified as an executive coach from Henley Business School and continuing my academic journey with a Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change.  I am also accredited as an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. My coaching skills are built upon 30 years of corporate leadership experience, working internationally across 84 countries in 3 different industries (Airlines, Telecommunications and Utilities), which has enabled me to learn through practical experience about how to lead inclusively across different cultures, drive organisational transformation and culture change and operate at board level.

My expertise includes facilitation, design and delivery of strategic planning and change management workshops and masterclasses where I have worked with executive, Board level and senior leadership teams to arrive at tailored solutions and action plans that the teams have been able to take forward to achieve their goals.

As a coach, I partner with leaders at all levels to help clarify and crystallise their own values and goals and use these as the guiding light towards any solutions they seek. I adopt an eclectic approach, drawing upon tools that would resonate the most with the client and be best suited for their specific challenge.”

“I believe coaching is all about providing the right support mechanism while raising self-awareness to enable the clients to stretch outside their comfort zone and experiment with new ways of thinking and approaching their challenges. The coaching topics I’ve worked on often include career challenges including stagnation or change, building presence, credibility, and self-confidence, navigating through organisational change, burnout and work-life balance, and handling difficult stakeholder relationships or challenging organisational cultures.

I enjoy working with leaders and groups to become more self-aware and optimise their group dynamics and take a wider, systemic lens towards their goals. I use positive psychology and neuroscience to help clients create conditions for optimal experiences at work and in life.”

“I have a passion for creativity, both in life and in coaching as I used to be a professional Indian Classical dancer and have enjoyed the world of young adult fiction and cookery as a published author.”