Profile: Leon Lloyd

Leon Lloyd is a former England international rugby player, who has played at the highest level and against elite players such as Jonah Lomu, (and survived!). He won 11 trophies whilst playing with the English and European Champions, Leicester Tigers. Since retiring from playing the sport, he has gained a first-class honours degree in Leadership and Management, followed by an MBA receiving a Distinction.

Leon has gone on to work with other elite organisations that include the SAS and the Premier League. His years of playing elite rugby and working with elite organisations, have given him remarkable insights into the entire life cycle of high-performing teams. He has a deep understanding of how high-performing teams are made, how they or individual players can be crushed, and then rebuilt, and how they can go on to develop a sustainable winning mindset and culture. He is passionate about the importance of attitude and culture when it comes to achieving high performance. You cannot buy a culture. Together you have to create collective behaviours that have momentum.

Leon shares with his client’s innumerable insights, stories, practical tools, tips and techniques and his 5- point steps to building a winning team provides a practical framework for success. He also shares how you can go from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows, and then come back stronger. Leon grew up in Coventry and still maintains a dream to score the winning goal in an FA Cup Final for Coventry City. As the eldest of four children Leon left school at 16 to pursue a professional sports career and has benefitted from lots of support and guidance along his journey. As result of this, giving back to others less fortunate is high on his personal agenda and has been an Ambassador and Business Mentor for the Princes Trust since 2004 as well as being a Patron for Action Deafness.

He is a co-founder of the Switch the Play Foundation, the first and only UK charity that assists professional sports people transition away from their sport. Having been the CEO that successfully led that organisation he stepped down in 2021 to pursue some of his other passions but remains an active Ambassador.