Profile: Gavin Drake

Gavin is the Mindspan Founder, Mental Performance Consultant, Trainer and Coach for over two decades helping organisations, teams and individuals fulfil their potential

Gavin has been working in the field of psychological performance for over 22 years now with a very skilled team. This takes him all over Europe into the public sector, private sector and professional sporting sector, having worked with a diverse range of clients including: Adnams, British Airways, NHS, Police, The Premier League, Volvo and many more!

In 2013, Gavin wrote a book around the Mindspan principals, bringing to life years of research on psychology, mental performance and personal development.

Gavin is committed to positively impacting organisations with the Mindspan performance principles through training programmes,
coaching and mentoring!

Gavin’s Specialities: Mental and attitudinal performance, sports psychology and the psychology of peak performance, training, coaching and helping individuals and organisations fulfill their performance potential.